Call for three-headed-monkeys ... uhm ... content and music

We extended out CfP! New deadline for your entries: 02.08.2019

Our harbor is not only for camping, but also for living and dancing. Use our jetty to hold monologues (lecture), have heated discussions around the campfire (workshop), or use the jetty to entertain the masses (bands, DJs, miscellaneous, ...).

For this we offer a stage as well as a workshop tent.

Thematically, it should be colorful

  • "Brown, Blue, Forest Green, Red, Cyan, Lavender, Magenta, Purple, Aqua Marin, Beige, Brewed Siena, Umbra, Sepia, Hazel, Vermilion, Orchid, Turquoise, Peach, Plum, Eggplant, Tar Black, Alarm Yellow , Maroon, slate gray, smoke gray, brick red, coral, vanilla, cherry, pink, raspberry, chanoix, asparagus, currant, olive green, eggshell white, camouflage, orange, yolk yellow, storm gray, sunset, cream, gold, metallic blue, white , Ash Gray, Rosso, Amber, Macintosh Gray, RGB, Oak, Sashini Green, Ebony, Ivory, Menthol, Sahara, Salmon, Oxblood, Khaki, Fuchsia, Matt Black, Sky Blue, Copper, Curry, Weathered Tin, Indigo, Burgundy , Bright orange, white, royal blue, infrared, ultra-violet, deep purple, yellow ocher, rust, corn flake "-" No; ... not directly; ... almost; ... "-" All at the same time ? " ~ Monkey Island*

We love to see topics that address the preservation of our idyllic harbor town and the world around it. Commercial content is completely undesirable.

Do you play songs with the guitar, do you make the earth shake with bass or do you create beautiful landscapes?
We love to hear music that illuminates our idyllic harbor town and the world around it.

Describe us what you want to do and we'll see if it fits.


For monologues (lectures) we provide you 30min (20min talk + 10min Q & A) or 60min (45min talk + 15min Q & A). At workshops and bands we are flexible. Give your wish (in 30min steps).

For live bands we have scheduled 1 hour and DJ slots go 2 hours.


  • Option1: German
  • Option2: English

Choose the language you like best. If you do not care, decide anyway, but mention in the notes for the reviewer that you would be willing to make the other option as well.

Tickets / Gage / Costs

We can * usually * not provide tickets for performers or musicians. Please only submit something if you already have a ticket. Furthermore we have * actually * no budget for fees or travel expenses.


  • 02.08.2019: (New) Deadline for submission (Entries submitted before the first deadline get preferred)
  • 05.08.2019: Commitments
  • 21.-25.08.2019: Three Headed Monkey Village @ Chaos Communication Camp at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg


In general, people should always leave more confused than how they found them. But we have certainly forgotten info or you have ideas we did not dare to think about in our wildest dreams. Therefore, if you have questions / questions / ideas / etc. feel free to contact:

This Call for Papers closed on 2019-08-03 01:59 (Europe/Berlin).