Verstehbahnhof and beyond -- building the ultimate digital playground
2019-08-25, 16:30–17:30, Plank (Stage)

Less than two years ago, we set out to create a hacker-and makerspace in
the rural countryside of Brandenburg, twenty something minutes
north-west of camp, in Fuerstenberg/Havel. Dubbed "Verstehbahnhof", as
it is located in the local (and still operating) trainstation, the space
was setup as an open educational space for the up- and coming and a
shared workshop and space for like-minded grown-ups. This project, by
now, has grown into much more than that. And we think it is time for you
to know about a few things.

Eight years ago, when we left camp, Anke and I turned north instead of
south, and drove into our new home located just around the corner. Two
years later, we and some of our new neighbors, had established a small
crowd of young people learning soldering and programming in our place,
which grew into a regular class in the local elementary school, which
then, in 2017, grew into a local hacker- and maker space called
"Verstehbahnhof". The young in mind, we transformed the old waiting hall
of our local train station into an educational venue which, 11 months
ago, grew into more rooms including a proper workshop with an attached
lounge and a soon to be finished and awesome social kitchen. To add to
the mix, we are building a water-cooled data center right now, and have
more possible internet bandwidth available than our whole region could
ever use up -- including camp. With the data center come a LoRaWAN- and
WiFi-backbone for the city, and sooner than later FTTH. We are turning
our small town into the ultimate digital playground possible, one step
at a time. We believe this development is highly relevant for many of
you for many different reasons and would like to talk about that.